Where Is The Drain Plug On A Hot Tub?

Where is the drain plug on a hot tub and where to drain hot tub water? Most people who own a hot tub are quite worried about its regular maintenance and care. It’s not something …

Where Is The Drain Plug On A Hot Tub

Where is the drain plug on a hot tub and where to drain hot tub water? Most people who own a hot tub are quite worried about its regular maintenance and care. It’s not something that you can just buy and let it be; you have to make sure that you regularly care for your hot tub.

One of the most important steps that you need to learn is how to drain a hot tub. Without knowing how to properly drain out the water from the hot tub, you won’t be able to do much regarding its care and maintenance.

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Before you start cleaning out your hot tub, there are a few basic things that you need to know regarding the drain plug, the kind of component it is, and most importantly, where you will find it.

If your hot tub isn’t draining out properly, the following guide will make it easy for you to determine how to clean it properly.

Where Is The Drain Plug On A Hot Tub?

The drain plug on your hot tub is essentially a single outlet that is designed to drain out all of the water from your spa. It is an important component within the hot tub because it is used for cleaning the spa.

The drain hole is engineered to be installed at the bottom of the hot tub, and that’s where you will find it in most hot tubs. It makes use of gravity to drain out all of the water from your hot tub with ease.

While there are different kinds of drain plugs that you will find on your hot tub, the two most popular ones that you will see include one that comes with a pipe, and the other that is a simple cap with a built-in hole.

You might want to take a look at the bottom shell of your hot tub to find the drain plug. Now that you have a basic understanding of the drain hole, let’s talk about how to drain your hot tub with ease.

In most situations, you will find the drain plug right near the captain’s seat. It’s mostly found under the headrest. The two most common kinds of drain plugs that you will find include one that comes with a pipe outlet, and another that doesn’t.

The drain pipe generally looks very similar to the pipe that you may have seen in your air conditioner, so it’s really not going to be an issue for you to identify it.

Once you have found the drain hose, here are a few steps that you need to take to drain the tub without the use of a pump. If the drain hose is piped, you just need to find and reach the drainpipe.

Open the cap by rotating it clockwise, and watch as the water starts to drain out from the hot tub quickly. If the drain hose doesn’t have a pipe attachment, you will first want to find some pliers.

It’s going to be difficult doing this using just your hands. Pliers are a bit risky to use, so be as gentle as possible. In case you cause damage to the drain hose cap, finding a viable replacement is not going to be easy.

First, use your pliers to tightly grab the cap, and then pull it toward you. Now, you just need to rotate it gently, and you will notice the water draining from your hot tub easily.

Where To Drain Hot Tub Water?

A common mistake that many people make is that they drain the water from their hot tub straight out into their garden. After all, it’s a quick and efficient solution, right? While it may seem like a good move, you should know that it’s not a wise idea.

For starters, the water in your hot tub contains a plethora of harmful chemicals that could cause significant damage to your lawn. You will want to avoid this from happening at all times, as the harsh chemicals such as chlorine could completely cause your plants to die.

More importantly, this is not an option for people who have their hot tub placed indoors. If you even think about doing this, you will have to buy a longer drainpipe. Ultimately, this is just going to add to your maintenance bill. Do you really want to spend this much?

However, if you have a portable hot tub that you can move and it’s not fixed into the ground, you can simply move it out toward the door and then let the water seep out.

The best thing to do is to find a gutter outside your house and drain the water from your hot tub in there instead of letting it drain out into the garden.

If you use the hot tub on a regular basis, you will want to learn how to drain it out frequently. It’s an essential element of cleaning the hot tub properly, and if you don’t know how to do this, it’s only going to get more difficult from here.


How To Clean A Hot Tub

Before you think about cleaning your hot tub, it might be a wise idea to stock up on some essential supplies. You are going to need a few things, such as a garden hose, a pump (it’s not necessary, but it’s wise to buy one), cleaning mitts, a dry towel, and a vacuum cleaner.

Precautionary Measures

Before you decide to clean the hot tub, it’s important for you to take a few precautionary measures. For starters, always remove the power plug from the socket. It’s not enough to just turn it off; you are dealing with water and electricity, so it’s best to take appropriate action.

Then, remove the drain plugs and hook the tub up with the garden hose to allow the water to drain properly. If you have a water pump, you should connect it to the garden hose to allow the water to drain out quickly.

An important thing you need to do is keep all of the drain plugs away from the water. You might end up losing them. This also includes the plug that comes with your drain pump.

The first step you need to take is to remove and clean the filters thoroughly. You can wash them with clean water to get rid of all the dirt and debris from the hot tub. Then, you need to blow out all the pipes that connect with the filters.

If you have a vacuum cleaner, you should switch it to the suck mode before you use it. Attach the plugs in the holes from where you removed them, and then only let the holes open when you are going to use the vacuum to suck out all the dirt.

You may also want to activate the turbo mode to ensure that every bit of water is removed from the hot tub. Finally, put on your cleaning mitts and get to work.

You need to clean the entirety of the hot tub shell and then let it dry. Once you are done, it might be a wise idea to use the dry towel to absorb all of the moisture.

Just ensure that all of the crud has been removed from the hot tub before you decide to pack away your cleaning supplies. Reassemble the hot tub and that’s it, you are done! The hot tub is neat and clean again!

Simple Maintenance Tips

If you have a hot tub, it is important for you to make sure that you take appropriate steps to maintain it properly. The water in your hot tub is susceptible to contamination owing to the sheer amount of bacteria that enters the hot tub every time someone steps in.

Making sure that the chlorine levels in your hot tub remain balanced is equally important. Whenever you get out of the hot tub, you should make it a habit to add chlorine to the water.

This is going to ensure that the bacteria in the hot tub is killed and that the hot tub is ready for use again. You should consider adding a higher quantity of chlorine so that it is capable of killing all the bacteria.

Within a few hours, the chlorine levels are going to fall on their own, so you can jump into the hot tub again whenever you want to.

It’s also a wise move to test the chlorine levels regularly to ensure that they are suitable for immersion. If the chlorine level is high, you may experience itching on your skin. These are just a few tips to keep your hot tub in prime condition.

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