Most Comfortable Soaking Tubs (Freestanding Tubs)

Are you looking for the most comfortable soaking tubs or freestanding tubs? In this guide, I will walk you through the features you need to look for if you want your bathing experience to be …

Most Comfortable Soaking Tubs

Are you looking for the most comfortable soaking tubs or freestanding tubs? In this guide, I will walk you through the features you need to look for if you want your bathing experience to be as comfortable as possible!

There’s no better way to decompress after a long day than by taking a nice warm bubble bath. However, not all bathtubs are created equal.

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So, if you don’t have one or are in desperate need of a new one, be sure to do as much research as possible to figure out what type of bathtub you want.

There are a variety of things to consider when looking for the most comfortable soaking bathtubs, such as whether or not it has grab bars, an attached shower, and more. If you’re feeling unprepared, keep reading to learn more.

Most Comfortable Soaking Tubs (Freestanding Tubs)

Before you set out to buy a bathtub, you want to make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for. This will help you narrow things down and make things seem less overwhelming.

For starters, consider how much use you plan on getting out of it. If the tub will simply be used for bathing or washing pets, you don’t need to spring for a fancy bathtub with all kinds of extra features.

On the other hand, if you plan on spending a lot of time in your tub and want to get the most out of it, then perhaps you’ll want to consider investing in something a little more elaborate.

Some tubs for example, come complete with adjustable jets, underwater lighting, headrests, and may even be self-cleaning. Keep in mind however, that the more features a tub may have, the more expensive it will be.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of space you have in your bathroom. You may want a Jacuzzi style tub, but your bathroom may not have room for it.

Before you start your search, make sure to measure your bathroom and keep an eye out for where the drain is. This way, you’ll have some idea of the size of the bathtub you should be looking for.

Speaking of drains, your drain and pipe placement is one thing that may hold you back from getting the bathtub you want. Moving a drain is an added expense on top of installing the new bathtub that you might not be prepared to take on.

Because of this, make sure that the bathtub that you’re looking for has a matching drain placement. Otherwise, you’re in for quite the headache.

Most people also don’t consider the fact that with installing a bathtub, you can also expect a higher water bill. If you’re not ready to take on the extra expense, then perhaps you should hold off on getting a new tub.

You should also take note of whether or not your water heater is able to supply enough hot water for your baths. When installing a new bathtub, you must also consider weight.

A bathtub can weigh anywhere between 50 to 1000 lbs depending on the size of it. Not to mention the added weight of the water and the bather.

If the tub you’re considering is large, your floors might not be able to handle it. If this is the case, you’ll have to reinforce your floors for it to be able to handle the weight, particularly if this happens to be a second-floor bathtub.

Lastly, you’ll want to think about whether or not the tub is comfortable. Some tubs come with built-in headrests and side bars to grab on to, while others are a bit more simple and straight to the point.

Don’t be afraid to test out each tub you see to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Deciding on a Material

Bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Some materials are better than others, so before you buy a tub, be sure you’re happy with the material that it’s made out of.

If your floors aren’t particularly sturdy or you don’t want anything too heavy, a plastic bathtub may be right for you.

They usually come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes and don’t chip easily. Enameled steel is another common material used to make bathtubs out of.

Despite the fact that this is one of the least expensive materials to make bathtubs out of, steel also makes the water cool much quicker, meaning you won’t get to enjoy your soak for as long as you planned to.

Cast-iron tubs are also popular but tend to be on the heavier side, weighing anywhere between 350 to 500 lbs. Luckily, cast-iron tubs are great at holding in heat, so your water will stay warm for as long as you need it to.

Another type of material used to make bathtubs is cast-polymer. These are popular because they come in a variety of designs including faux marble, granite, and onyx.

Unfortunately, bathtubs made out of this material don’t last as long as the material can become brittle and crack.

Choosing the Design of Your Bathtub

As mentioned previously, bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure that the particular design that you want fits your bathroom before you end up purchasing it.

One of the most common designs of bathtubs is the alcove design. Alcove tubs are installed against three walls and are also known as recessed tubs. Freestanding tubs are also common and are not attached to any walls.

For those who are looking for a Jacuzzi-style tub, there are soaking tubs and whirlpool bathtubs. A soaking tub is created with deeper dimensions allowing the bather to be able to submerge themselves entirely into the tub.

A whirlpool bathtub comes with jets that move the water around and create bubbles. In terms of price, a whirlpool bathtub is typically going to be more costly than any of the other bathtubs mentioned.

Other Alternatives

If buying a new bathtub is simply not in your budget, or you just don’t want to deal with the mess that comes with installing a new bathtub, then perhaps you might want to consider repairing or refinishing your old tub.

This is certainly a much less expensive alternative than getting a new bathtub and may be as easy as filling in any cracks or repainting over any stains.

If you want to reinforce your tub and make it more durable, you can also hire someone to come and add a polyurethane coating to your tub that gives it a hard, high-gloss surface.


Shopping for bathtubs can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared enough and know what you’re looking for.

Before you start your search for the perfect tub, make a list of all the things you want to get out of your tub. If there are particular features that you want, be sure to add those in too.

Be sure to keep in mind that your plumbing and the weight of the tub are also very important things to consider. If you don’t get a tub with a matching drain, you might not be able to install it without having to mess with the plumbing first.

If the tub is too heavy, it could cause significant damage to your floors. Once you’ve done all the research, shopping for a new bathtub will be almost as relaxing as getting into a nice, warm bubble bath.

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