How To Replace Hot Tub Jets (Hot Tub Jet Removal Tool)

In this guide, I will explain to you how to replace hot tub jets by first removing them using a hot tub jet removal tool! As you’re aware, having a home spa is an experience …

How To Replace Hot Tub Jets

In this guide, I will explain to you how to replace hot tub jets by first removing them using a hot tub jet removal tool! As you’re aware, having a home spa is an experience like no other.

Just think of this: coming home from a long, tough day at work, stress permeating your being. Within minutes, you can be enjoying a nice, hot soak in your spa, relieving the aches and pains of the day.

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While that sounds great, it can be easy to remember that spas do require some maintenance here and there to keep them running in an optimal manner.

One such piece of maintenance is replacing the spa jets. The good news is that, depending on the type of jets and their location, it can be quite easy to swap them out.

When in doubt, bring a professional in to do the job. They have the knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently. But if you fancy yourself the DIY type, here is how to replace spa jets.

How To Replace Hot Tub Jets

  1. Drain the Water

You can’t perform proper maintenance if the spa is full. Make sure that you drain all of the water out of the tub before beginning work on the jets. First, turn off the power to the breaker that handles the hot tub.

With the power off, take off the front panel of the tub and locate the hose spigot. Hook up a common garden hose and drain the water out. This will take a little bit of time but keep you safe from potential electrocution.

  1. Consult the Manual

There are so many different types of spas out there from different brands, so yours may require a different replacement than some of the others.

Check out the owner’s manual to reference the instructions for both removing and replacing the jets. If you can’t find the manual, you should be able to find it somewhere online.

Just locate the model number of your spa and it should come up. In the event that you can’t find it online, then a call to the manufacturer should help you out.

  1. Take Out the Jets and Measure Them

Now it’s time to remove the old jets. For the most part, you can just twist them counterclockwise. Continue doing so until they eventually pop free. If you have issues removing them by hand, a wrench will help you get through it.

Tighten your wrench around the jet, ensuring that you have a solid grip. Turn in that same counterclockwise direction until you feel the jet loosen. You can then finish taking it out by hand until it comes out of the tub entirely.

Remember, the manual is your friend here. If your hot tub has specific instructions for removing the jets, knowing them can save you a lot of time and hassle along the way.

Now that you have the old jets removed, it is time to measure them to get replacements. If you don’t already have your replacements, you will need to get the size of the old ones.

Lay them out on a flat surface and use either a tape measure or a ruler to measure both the length and diameter of your jets. You can also bring the old jet with you to the home improvement or spa store as a reference.

  1. Installing Your New Jets

When you have the new jets, it is time to install them. Simply install your new jet into your spa’s jet well. Push the jet firmly into the jet well until you can feel that the jet is flush with the tub itself.

Then, turn the jet clockwise. If you had trouble removing the jet, there is a chance that you may have trouble turning it clockwise.

You can use your trusty wrench here to properly turn it. When it is fully installed, you may even hear a click depending on your model.

  1. Verify That the Jets Work

After installing your jets, all that remains is to verify that they work. Fill the spa up with water again and then turn the new jets on.

Should they not work properly, you will have to drain the spa once again and try the installation process all over again. If the jets still don’t work, then you may be dealing with some other issue.

Performing a thorough inspection and re-installation should be enough to get the issue resolved in most cases, but there could be other problems.

How to Troubleshoot Your Jets

If the jets still aren’t working properly, there is another issue at play. Start by checking out the pumps as they may be malfunctioning. When there is no water coming from the jets, it can be the sign of a problematic pump.

Should you notice water leaking out of the spa’s pump shaft or if the water is not hot, the pump is the problem. When you are dealing with a pump problem, call in a professional.

The fix is a lot more complicated and you may wind up doing more harm than good. It’s expensive – $200 to $500 – but doing the job right will save you money in the long-run.

Depending on your model of spa, yours may have tabs that lock the jets into place. If you run your spa and there is a jet just floating in the water, it could be that one of the tabs has popped off or broken.

It could just be a matter of screwing the jet in slightly tighter if you find that there is no broken tab. If the tab is broken, you will have to replace the jet.

Feeling confident? You may be able to glue the tab back into place, though that can be a tricky operation. For leaks, start by checking the jet housing.

Cracks in the housing can lead to leaking, in which case you can just add silicone to the housing’s outer edge. It can also be from a glue joint or jet gasket, which is behind the jet. These are relatively easy fixes though they may be temporary in nature.

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