How Can A Well-Designed Bathroom Enhance Home Value?

Your bathroom is an integral part of your home. If you plan to sell your house in the future,it’s imperative that you consider upgrading it as crucial as renovating any other room in your home.You …

well designed bathroom

Your bathroom is an integral part of your home. If you plan to sell your house in the future,
it’s imperative that you consider upgrading it as crucial as renovating any other room in your home.
You can make the most of your home by focusing on every nook and cranny, but perfecting your bathroom, in particular, is essential. It is where you get ready for work, unwind when you get back home or enjoy solitude for a while. When selling your house, your bathroom will be one of the prime considerations for potential buyers.
While it is essential to work on other elements of your home, like wpc decking for the
outdoors and updated cabinets for your kitchen, people generally overlook the importance
of renovating your bathroom. Arguably, the most effective way to increase the real estate
value of your home is to build or remodel a new bathroom. In this article, we will take a look at the ways you can enhance home value by remodeling your bathroom into something modern.

Safety & accessibility improvements

Many accidents occur in bathrooms, and it’s not the fault of bad designs; it’s just how
bathrooms are. As we grow, we are at an increased risk of injury from falling on slippery
floors. To add value to your home, investing in safety and accessibility upgrades for your
bathroom is undoubtedly a smart move.
For potential safety and accessibility remodeling ideas, consider walk-in showers. This will
minimize falling risk or muscle strain when stepping over the side of the tub. Grab bars also minimize the risk because it helps increase stability when getting in and out of the bathtub or shower, making it ideal for senior citizens. Additionally, a raised toilet seat will prevent strains, and a vanity sink that allows you to adjust its height reduces stress on your back. It will also enable wheelchair or walker access, making it easier to use by people with limited mobility.
The list goes on here, but the takeaway here is that accessibility upgrades make your
bathroom safer, increase value and save you thousands on potential medical bills.

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Cosmetic upgrades

Bathroom remodels do not only have to occur when there’s a problem, and we can simply
do it for the sake of modernizing it to align with recent trends or making it fit your style.
Cosmetic upgrades can have a huge emotional and financial impact, especially if you’re
spending most of your time at home or looking to sell it.
Try switching up the color scheme to make it trendier and more attractive. Updating the
colors can go a long way to making your bathroom feel like a new space. Changing colors
can be relatively simple and affordable. If you’re feeling bold, this transition can be complex as custom tile work or a new countertop. Another great tip is to upgrade your bathroom fixtures from faucets to door handles to lighting. Upgrading your bathroom fixtures contributes a lot to making your bathroom appear modern and stylish.



From a full-fledged bathroom renovation that increases square footage to a couple of
fixture upgrades, there’s a whole plethora of things you can do to improve the functionality of your bathroom to suit your needs or to increase the value of your home.
For instance, consider increasing storage options with shelving, closets, and vanity upgrades.
This can enable you to organize items in your bathroom better and manage a clean, mess- free space.
You can also use equipment like hand-held showerheads and faucets for a better showering experience and ease of bathing children or pets.

Repairs And Replacements

Repairs and replacement-focused bathroom upgrades add value to your home by making
the space safer and more efficient. Many plumbing issues you encounter may seem minor.
However, they have the potential to be severe for your health and your wallet. Fixing leaks
will allow you to save up to 10% on your water bill, according to the Environmental
Protection Agency.
Along with leaks, try repairing cracks and uneven surfaces since old and outdated
bathrooms often have cracked tiles which may pose additional risks for slipping and other
injuries. You should also deal with mold or mildew issues and choose materials that are
easier to keep clean, like acrylic or glass.
Many minor problems may occur in a bathroom that are hard to keep track of. The best
way to tackle this is to hire a professional to evaluate the situation of your bathroom so you can address minor issues before they become massive and potentially costly. All of the points mentioned above can be considered minor issues, but fixing them will not only
improve living quality, but will also increase home value when you’re ready to part ways with your house.

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