Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working (How To Reset)

For most people who own hot tubs, the issue of hot tub control panel not working is something they’ll have to deal with sooner or later. Most people even ask themselves: How do I reset …

Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working

For most people who own hot tubs, the issue of hot tub control panel not working is something they’ll have to deal with sooner or later. Most people even ask themselves: How do I reset my hot tub control panel?

Issues with the main control panel in your hot tub can cause a world of problems for you. It’s incredibly infuriating to come home after a tiring day at work, only to find that your hot tub is not working properly.

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However, in most cases, all it takes is a basic reset to get rid of the problem and get your hot tub back in order. But, you may find that a single reset doesn’t do the trick and you will have to reset it multiple times to get it working.

This is not something that you should ignore. It’s an indication that there’s something seriously wrong. If there is a flashing light in the panel or you hear some sort of beeping, it’s also something that you need to worry about.

To reset the main panel, you need to turn off the hot tub and then give it a break for around 30 seconds before you turn the hot tub on. If you still receive the error signal, you may want to check the official instruction manual that came with your hot tub.

If the panel does not work at all, you might want to take a close look at the main connections and see if there’s any water in there. Moisture in the main panel could spell a lot of trouble.

If these fixes don’t work, your only solution will be to get in touch with the hot tub dealer or consider replacing the panel altogether, which could add on a sizeable expense.

How Do I Reset My Hot Tub Control Panel?

There are a couple of different situations in which you may find yourself looking to reset the main panel of the hot tub.

For starters, if you can see an error code or message on the main LCD panel, you should consider fixing the problem before you decide to activate the tub.

Check the instruction manual to determine the corresponding code and associated problem, and then see if that fixes the issue. If nothing works, you may want to consider resetting the panel without disconnecting the power from your hot tub.

In most hot tub models, you will just have to press a couple of buttons or press multiple buttons in a specific order to reset your control panel. Since each panel is different, it is best to open up the instruction manual.

If you have lost yours or don’t have one, the best thing to do is check online. Most manufacturers are very happy to put detailed instructions associated with care and maintenance on their websites.

You can just go through those. If the manufacturer doesn’t have any instructions on their platform, you may want to give a call to the dealer from which you bought the tub.

Explain the problem in detail to them and then ask them about an appropriate fix. It’s as simple as that. Another situation in which you will need to reset the panel is when the main control panel crashes altogether.

The control panel has a control unit, which is like a basic computer that regulates the input from all the sensors. It has software running in it, and it is likely to crash.

If you know of a way to carry out a soft reset, you should try implementing that. A hard reset should always be your last resort, in any case.

If you are going for a hard reset, it’s important to ensure that the power cables are completely removed for a good 30 seconds before you make the connection again.

Once you have turned the hot tub panel off, don’t rush into connecting it again. Wait a while before you do this, and, hopefully, it should get rid of the problem.

If the problem still persists and the display still has the error code emblazoned on it, there are quite a few techniques that you can try to get your hot tub up and running again. First of all, check to see if the unit is covered under warranty.

Just get in touch with your dealer and let them check on it before you implement a fix on your own. Remember, if you tinker with the hot tub by yourself, there is a strong chance that your warranty will be voided.

Most manufacturers don’t take it kindly and often put warranty seals or stickers on sensitive parts, so if that’s broken, you can’t get it repaired under warranty.

But, before you decide to call a technician over to check on the problem, here are some simple fixes you should try.

Hot Tub Control Panel Not Working (How To Fix)

Check for Moisture

You already know that electricity and water do not go well together. While the hot tub is designed to hold water, the control panel isn’t. Moisture in the control panel is one of the most common reasons why problems start.

When moisture starts entering the control panel, it eventually begins to cause issues, until the whole panel stops working altogether. There’s an even bigger problem that you need to worry about if there’s moisture in the panel: corrosion.

Corrosion could cause damage to all the metallic components, eventually causing thousands of dollars in repairs. Was the main panel exposed to moisture at any time within the past few days?

If you hooked up the main panel to a cable so that you could tinker with the main controls while sitting in the tub, you may want to check if it was recently dipped in the water.

Obviously, it stands to reason that companies would manufacture panels and components for hot tubs that are capable of surviving a submersion.

But, most companies don’t. Instead, they simply add a waterproof cover on top of the panel, which is very susceptible to leakage. If the seal around the cover becomes weak, moisture will find its way inside.

If that happens, you can simply try an age-old trick that has been used to suck out moisture from mobile phones for years. All you need is a large container that’s filled with rice.

You can find both of these things at your local grocery store. Make sure the container is big enough so that you can put your entire panel inside of it, and then put the rice on top. It should be buried completely.

Don’t rush; leave it there for at least three days. Rice has an amazing absorbing property, and will suck out all of the moisture from the panel. If luck is on your side, the panel will simply begin to work once you take it out and hook it up.

If this method doesn’t yield any results, and you feel that the panel still has a bit of moisture inside of it, you may want to place it in a dry spot, such as near the windowsill where it will be exposed to a bit of sunlight.

That may get rid of the moisture too. If you look at it from a purely theoretical point of view, it stands to reason that if moisture is able to get inside, it can get out as well.

Look for Corrosion

This is a dreaded problem that every hot tub owner has to face in the long run. If there is corrosion on the connectors that establish a connection between the hot tub and the panel, it could prevent the tub from working properly.

If the control panel is detachable, it’s probably hooked up with a cable to the tub. You need to closely inspect both of the cables, especially at the point where it hooks up to the hot tub, and then see if it’s corroded.

If the main panel is fitted inside the tub, you need to look around in the main service bay. You will notice the plugs connected to the panel and then look for signs of corrosion.

However, what if you see signs of corrosion on the panel? The first step to take in this regard is to turn the unit off as quickly as you can. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a strong electrical jolt.

Once you have done that, unplug the connectors and then look for the signs of corrosion. The corrosion may prevent the hot tub connectors from establishing a stable connection.

The odds are that if the connectors are heavily corroded, electricity is not able to pass freely through this joint. If you are able to disconnect the wires, you should try and remove as much of the corrosion as you can.

A simple and effective solution is to mix baking soda with a bit of warm water, and then use a toothbrush to scrub the corrosion off the connectors. Once you have done this, let the connectors dry out thoroughly before you hook them up again.

Let it Remain Disconnected Overnight

Like most electrical appliances that have a computing component inside, the best thing to do is turn it off and then activate it again. It’s one of the oldest solutions in the book, and even then, it’s quite effective.

In most cases, you just have to turn off the power for half a minute before plugging it back in. But if this method doesn’t work, it might be a wise idea to power it down for a few hours. Let the system completely reboot and reset.

In fact, the best thing to do is to let it rest disconnected from all cables and connections for at least one night. After a period of 24 hours has elapsed, just connect the hot tub again and see if that fixes the problem.

Check the Cables for Signs of Damage

If the control panel is hooked up with a cable, it’s another important factor to take into account. The obvious thing to do here is to look for any scrapes or signs of damage to the cable.

Don’t touch them however, because that could lead to a major shock. If the cable is knotted or if there’s a bump in it, it’s an indication of internal damage to the whole thing. Avoid using that cable altogether.

In case the cable sustains damage, there is a strong chance that your hot tub will not power on. Thankfully, this is perhaps the easiest fix: you just have to change the cable and see if that fixes the issue.

Check the Touch Buttons

Most modern hot tubs come with touch buttons with a rubber coating to ensure that you are able to easily press them with wet hands.

However, a permanent depression on any of the touch buttons sends a signal to the hot tub to deactivate immediately to prevent further damage.

The first thing you need to do is check if any of the touch buttons are depressed or if there are clear signs of damage on them. You may want to press on them to see if that fixes the problem, since in most cases, it’s not really that big of a deal.

If touching or tweaking doesn’t work, the next best step is to get in touch with your hot tub manufacturer and see if you can secure a replacement button.

Installing that button is obviously not going to be easy, as you can imagine, so the best thing to do is to let a professional deal with this thing.

Replace the Whole Panel

If none of the solutions on this list yield any positive results, your only option will be to replace the panel. The new ones just need to be plugged in, and they are good to go.

However, the problem lies in buying an appropriate replacement. You need to make sure that you buy one that is exactly the same model as your original one, otherwise it won’t work.

It’s best to talk to your local dealer and find out if they have a replacement available that you can buy, as that’s generally the best way to go.

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