Deck Designs With Hot Tub And Pergola (Hot Tub Deck Ideas)

In this detailed guide, I’m going to list a couple of deck designs with hot tub and pergola together with 39 impressive hot tub deck ideas that you can employ in your own home! A …

Deck Designs With Hot Tub And Pergola

In this detailed guide, I’m going to list a couple of deck designs with hot tub and pergola together with 39 impressive hot tub deck ideas that you can employ in your own home!

A hot tub can be a welcome addition to just about any outdoor space. After all, what’s not to like about being able to soak whenever you want? The key is ensuring that the locale is perfect and accentuates the entire scene.

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Having the right decking, even the right pergola, can add to the overall experience. But how do you know what to choose? What are your options? Here are a ton of choices for adding a hot tub to your deck and even implementing a pergola.

10 Deck Designs with Hot Tub and Pergola

A pergola, which is essentially a deck covering, can be implemented in a number of ways. It gives the entire scene an upscale aesthetic that can’t be otherwise matched. Here are a few ways that you can add a pergola into the mix.

Raised deck/lower seating area. The ultimate home retreat is a place where you can hang out whether in or out of the tub.

With an elevated deck and pergola, combined with a lower seating area, you can combine the best of both worlds. Have a nice relaxing soak in the hot tub and top it off with a cozy spot near the fire to cap off the perfect night.

Umbrella attachment. A pergola is merely a covering. While it might be nice to build a roof with columns, that can get expensive and time-consuming.

So, don’t overlook the power of a quality umbrella. Even better, there are some hot tubs that have umbrella extensions, allowing you to stay covered while relaxing the time away in the hot tub.

Elevated bar decking. Sometimes an elevated deck just looks better. But this one has an added purpose: the elevated portion of the decking acts as a “swim up” bar.

Have the perfect cocktail available nearby without having to get out of the soothing, warm water. There is no better combination of comfort and convenience.

Sunset Pergola with bar. You will notice a theme throughout this list: bars are a great addition. Having a soak is one thing but having access to your favorite adult beverages can make the entire thing better.

That is why having a bar built into the pergola can be such a great addition. Have a seat at the bar or right there in the hot tub.

Match the details. A pergola does not have to be fancy but when it matches the rest of the aesthetic, it can really pull the backyard together.

Try matching the little details – pergola color to hot tub color, for instance – and you will notice that everything comes together in a much nicer presentation.

Keep it simple. While it may be nice to have a big, elaborate pergola, that may not be necessary. Less can be more and simplicity means getting a great look without the effort or costs that go along with it.

Add in a planter or two and you can get that cozy look without having to put much else into it.

Add a pavilion. Not working with a ton of outdoor space? Add a wooden pavilion to the top of your hot tub and you can create the same setup.

If you have a wooded area nearby, then you can create a rustic appeal with that scarce space. Comfy and cozy without needing a ton of room to pull it off.

Walk out deck. There is nothing quite like walking out onto your deck, seeing the grill, and your jacuzzi sunk into the deck.

It fits perfectly into the aesthetic and gives you all the space that you could need to enjoy it all. Crank the grill, go for a soak, and enjoy the great outdoors as it was always meant to be enjoyed.

Pergola-covered jacuzzi. In an ideal situation, where money is more open, having a jacuzzi built into a pergola would be the best of all worlds.

The wood would have increased detail and would create the perfect aesthetic for a nice, relaxing soak. With slightly elevated steps, you could seamlessly enter your hot tub in style.

No need for steps. Sometimes you don’t need that elevated space for your hot tub; having it sunken into the decking can create the perfect look.

With a pergola of high-end construction, you can create the perfect backdrop and covering for the space that is unlike anything else that you have seen.

39 Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Looking for ways to implement a hot tub into your deck? Instead of just sticking it in a corner where it is out of the way, why not get creative with it? There are more than a few ideas when it comes to adding a hot tub to your decking.

Platform hot tub. Having a sunken hot tub has a lot of benefits. You can keep debris from getting into the water, give easier access to the side of the deck, and so much more. A high-quality look that stands out.

Divided hot tub platform. Ideally, you could keep your hot tub space divided from the rest of the decking. That means having your hot tub in its own unique space and keeping the rest of the area for furniture.

DIY decking. Don’t have a deck but want the decking aesthetic? It’s easy to perform an inexpensive DIY deck with some pallets.

This is a great alternative to buying expensive wood at your nearest home improvement store and it creates the same outstanding aesthetic that you were hoping for.

Integrating into deck plans. Already building a deck? Why not integrate a hot tub space into the planning? Just make sure that you pay attention to the structural details; it doesn’t have to be complicated but it can make for a great addition to any deck.

Add in planters. This one isn’t overly complicated: add trenches to the outer edges of the hot tub decking to create a lush, green planter. You can enjoy your beautiful plants while soaking in a scene that is totally unique and different.

Multi-elevation. A really cool way to have a unique look is to have multiple levels. Enter through the hot tub. Go up a couple of steps to the seating area. Then go up a few more steps to the grilling area. A unique look that also keeps things separate.

Custom fiberglass. Did you know that you can create your own custom fiberglass hot tub without needing to be a professional? Making your own shows you what it takes to create a hot tub and you can add the decking around after it’s done.

With lounge and BBQ. Having the best of all worlds on your deck is ideal. Why not have a lounge and barbecue area right nearby? Have a nice, relaxing soak then enjoy the sun with your favorite meal just a few feet away.

Bi-level. Is your house on top of a hill? You can create decking with a bi-level elevation. On one level can rest your hot tub, separate from the next level where you can keep the grill, furniture, or whatever else suits you.

Create a small add-on. Not every hot tub installation has to be this comprehensive project. Add a small area off of your deck for easy access. Even better, the slight elevation means being able to get to the hot tub in a pinch.

A wide open space. While separation may be ideal for some, others want a more open flow. If you have the open space, it can all come together: seating for food in one space, lounging furniture near the hot tub in another.

Hexagonal hot tub. There is nothing quite like a hexagonal hot tub. You can see how to build your own in no time flat, creating a cool, unique appeal that few others in the area can hope to match in terms of creativity.

Open space, sunk in hot tub. If you want to take the open concept to the next level, try sinking the hot tub into the deck while embracing the open floor plan. Nearby seating can be as abundant as you want it to be.

Centrally elevated. Want to make your hot tub the star of the show? Try having elevated decking within the deck. Just a stair or two can be all you need to put the hot tub on a pedestal, making it stand out – literally.

Add on. While it might be great to sink into your hot tub, that takes time, money, and a lot more effect. So why not keep it simple and create a platform just a step down from your current deck? Simple and easy.

Create a view. Depending on where you live, there may be local beauty right within eyeshot. So, why not embrace that by removing the exterior rails and creating an open look like no other?

Small tub. While it would be great to have a hot tub that can fit a group of people, going small is sometimes all that you need. A one to two person hot tub with a scenic view can be just as welcoming as a huge hot tub anytime.

Small decking. Don’t have a huge, spacious deck? No problem. Build a platform that is raised off the ground a foot or less and you have a beautiful space for your hot tub. Simple, easy, and requires less time and support than a standard deck.

Get your nature on. Have a lot of trees in your yard? Clear out a small space and you can create a small deck with a hot tub to really immerse yourself in the outdoor scenery. A great way to relax in the great outdoors in style.

Keep it simple. The hot tub nor the setup has to be special. If you have a deck, simply having a hot tub can be enough. Don’t go overly complicated; keep it to its own space and the hot tub will be the star of the show.

Contrast. Having a hot tub that stands out from the rest of the scenery is just as good as matching the color palette. Having something such as cherry wood can really pop, especially against the lush greenery of some trees or a well-manicured lawn.

Winter tub. Live in a cold part of the country but still want to keep it hot? Create a cool barrel effect that embraces the rustic look of the area. Except this time you won’t be floating down Niagara Falls, but enjoying a nice hot soak instead.

Rustic tub. Want to go for something really unique? Build a rustic tub off of the corner of your deck. It is a great way to implement a hot tub that stands out from the rest without having to transform your decking too much.

Balcony decking. Don’t have a traditional deck, but a balcony instead? Make better use of the space by putting a hot tub in place. Whether covered or uncovered, you can enjoy a great view along with your relaxing soak.

Rounded platform. Have a hot tub that you want to really accentuate? Create a rounded platform decking that stands out as much as the hot tub does. It gives you a little bit of elevation without having to undertake a massive project.

Build a privacy fence. Depending on the setup of your deck, you may be exposed to anyone with the right sight line. Why not add in some fencing to make the entire thing a little more private? This will create the perfect quiet setting.

Stairs on both sides. Another cool thing is to make the hot tub the central point and add a few steps on either side. It keeps the hot tub as the central focus but also allows for multiple entrances and exits instead of having to use the same spot.

Maximize the space. Dealing with a small deck? Why not make the hot tub the central point? Leave a little space on either side for seating while the hot tub stretches the width of the decking. Allow for a little space to walk and the rest will fall into place.

Not much needed. If you have a small deck and don’t want to get crazy with it, you can simply add the hot tub and be done. Besides, there is nothing quite like enjoying a dip in the hot tub and the setting is not necessarily important to that.

Get luxurious. Don’t have a deck but a lush patio space instead? Create a concrete deck of sorts. Create a slightly elevated platform and drop the hot tub right in the middle. You have a high-end hot tub without the need to install a huge deck.

Keep it small. Have a narrow backyard space? Keep the decking small. Just big enough to house a hot tub and a few chairs, it can still make for a highly welcoming place to hang out with friends or family no matter the type of day.

Corner it. Another idea for smaller yards is to make use of the corners of the yard. Tuck a hot tub and a small platform in the corner of the yard. It doesn’t feel intrusive but provides the great benefits that a hot tub can provide.

On the water. If you live on the water, mimic the aesthetic of a cruise ship by getting slightly weathered wood and dropping your hot tub right in. All that is missing is the ocean life swimming around you.

Water space. Having a great hot tub is one thing. But what if you have a pond or lake nearby? Why not tie them together? Have stairs that lead down from your hot tub to the water so that you can cool off after heating up.

Build your own. There is nothing quite like doing the work yourself. Create decking and a hot tub that is truly your own from start to finish.

Window view. Those people with small decks may feel tight but finding a hot tub in the right shape can accentuate the space. Put the hot tub in by your back window and you will be able to see it whenever you want.

Japanese aesthetic. Japanese bath houses have quite a unique look. The wood creates a classic look and you can even add in little water features, too.

Folding deck. Want to maximize your space? Put the hot tub into the decking and cover it with a folding deck. This makes for a maximization of space.

Greek pool. This one is unique: the water flows over the top and down into a built-in base. Simple but unique and lets you maximize the space in the tub for maximum water coverage, creating a more comprehensive soak.

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