Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

Are you looking for the best walk in tub shower combination? If you’re someone who is elderly, suffers from chronic pain, or has a disability, then you’ve probably already considered a walk-in tub with shower. …

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

Are you looking for the best walk in tub shower combination? If you’re someone who is elderly, suffers from chronic pain, or has a disability, then you’ve probably already considered a walk-in tub with shower.

These units are the safest way to bathe without having to rely on an aide. However, many people may feel overwhelmed during their search for the perfect walk-in tub and shower combo and may give up before even beginning to look.

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After all, there are dozens of options with a variety of different features to choose from. Luckily for you, we’ve taken all the work out of shopping for a new walk-in tub and have narrowed down the options to include only the best.

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

Sanctuary Small Shower Enclosure Walk-in Tub

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

Those looking for a low-maintenance, durable walk-in tub will be happy with the Sanctuary Small Shower Enclosure Walk-In Tub.

It is made from high-quality acrylic and has a stainless steel frame, a faucet, a grab bar, and an overflow drain, which are all added safety features that make this tub perfect for anyone to use.

It even has both left-hand and right-hand drain options. Best of all, this tub is small enough that it can fit in an apartment, a mobile home, or any other home where there is limited space available.

The tub measures 30.5”x40.5”x37.5” while the seat height is 15”. The tub door, which is reinforced to keep water in, swings outward for easy access.

The door allows for people to get in and out of the tub without having to step over it, thus risking injury. The tub comes with an enclosure that sits on top of it, therefore making it a shower as well.

You can choose to add air jets or water jets to the tub, which has a 50-gallon water capacity. The tub’s contoured built-in seat makes bathing that much more comfortable while the no-slip floor provides the user with extra added safety.

The unit itself is rather easy to install although it isn’t freestanding, nor is it enclosed on all sides. If you happen to need something a little bigger, the unit is available in other sizes as well.

Despite being one of the more basic units on this list, it still manages to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Step-Through Tub-to-Shower Conversion Kit

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

This walk-in tub/shower unit is easy to install and can be done without the help of a professional. Because of this, you’ll be able to save money as you won’t have to shell out a ton of cash to pay someone to come out and do it for you.

Even better, you won’t have to remove your old tub in order to install this one as it is an attachment made out of polypropylene that goes on to your current tub.

As this is a conversion kit, it can be easily customized to fit just about any tub no matter the material it’s made out of, the size, or the design.

All you need to do is use the template to cut out the size you’ll need and then insert it into your tub. The insert can be attached using the epoxy adhesive that is provided within the kit.

There is also a safety step that allows for a lower barrier, making entrance to the tub that much easier. There are many advantages to owning this conversion kit, primarily the fact that you don’t have to replace your entire tub to install it.

It’s also easy to install on your own, thanks to the step-by-step instructions and adhesive necessary for installation that the kit comes with.

The only disadvantage to this kit is that it does not contain the safety features noted in the previous tub, such as grab bars or seats. However, these are all features that can be purchased separately and added on after the fact.

Siena Computerized Steam Shower Sauna

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

If you’re willing to spend a little more to get a little more, the Siena Computerized Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool Massage Bathtub Spa is certainly worth it.

Before purchasing it, however, be sure that you’re aware that it is rather large and won’t necessarily fit in smaller homes with limited space. It measures 67”x51”x88” and weighs a whopping 800 pounds.

It also comes in a variety of colors: red, black, and white. To say that this is a luxury tub would be an understatement.

It is made out of acrylic glass and tempered glass and has stainless steel fixtures, as well as 16 whirlpool massage jets and 10 acupuncture massage jets.

It also has both left-hand and right-hand options available. It even comes with its own whirlpool heater that keeps the water warm constantly.

If you’re technologically savvy, you’ll be in awe at the fact that this tub also comes with a waterproof 8.4” LC television as well as being compatible with MP3 and CD players.

Not only will you be able to take a bath in one of the most advanced tubs in the world, but you’ll be entertained while doing so.

If you’re in the mood for even a little bit of extra relaxation, you can also indulge yourself in some aromatherapy, get a foot massage, or turn on the rainfall ceiling shower for the ultimate spa experience. Believe it or not, this tub still has more features to offer.

You get a fog-free mirror, a hands-free telephone to use at your convenience or in case of an emergency, a steam sauna, underwater LED lights, adjustable shower heads, surround-sound speakers, FM radio, and to top it all off, a computerized touchscreen to control any and all of the features that come with this incredible tub/sauna.

Although this bathtub spa is incredibly luxurious, it does not fall short on safety features. It includes handlebars to hold on to, an alarm in case of emergencies, an automatic safety shut-off, and a ventilation fan.

You will have no trouble reaching for your products, thanks to the storage shelves, towel racks, and shampoo racks that are all within arm’s reach.

If you’re worried about whether or not this tub will be able to fit in your bathroom, don’t be. It’s created to be a corner unit, which means that it’s great for maximizing space.

American Standard 3060SH.LL Seated Shower with Drain

Best Walk In Tub Shower Combination

Compared to the last tub, this one is much less exciting but perfect for those who aren’t interested in all the frills and simply want something that they can depend on.

The American Standard 3060SH.LL Seated Shower with Drain is made from acrylic and contains a metal support frame. It comes complete with a wrap-around grab bar and a chair-height, contoured built-in seat.

Safety and comfort are the number-one priorities with this seated shower. Altogether, the unit measures 30”x60”x37” and weighs just 155 pounds so it can fit into any standard bathtub with ease.

This is a freestanding design with a left-hand drain and a low 2” threshold. The downside with this unit is that the floor is not anti-slip, so it is recommended that you install some sort of liner on the bottom of the tub to improve traction if you don’t already have one in place.

Not only that, but this unit does not come complete with a shower door, which means that you’ll have to install your own. However, you won’t need to tile your bathroom wall because the unit comes with an integrated tile flange.

Features To Look For In A Walk In Tub Shower Combo

As mentioned previously, it can be quite overwhelming to shop for a walk-in tub/shower combo due to the fact that there’s so much variety.

One of the best ways to make things easier for you would be to keep in mind your own personal needs and wants in mind when searching. This way, you’ll be able to rule out any units that aren’t up to your standards.

One of the most important things to consider would also be whether or not you should replace your bathtub entirely or simply remodel it.

If your tub isn’t in bad condition, then you might be better off remodeling it and saving a few bucks instead of replacing it.

Remodeling your tub is easier than you might think as it only requires adding some things to it, such as walk-in inserts, grab bars, seats, and no-slip tub liners.

Some of these units only need to be slipped on over your already existing tub, almost like a saddle. Of course, this may not always be the best option for someone who is severely disabled and may not be able to do any of these things on their own.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your unit is free-standing when looking for a replacement walk-in shower. These units can still be added to your bathroom regardless of whether or not you have walls against it.

Those that are unenclosed, on the other hand, will require installation against enclosing walls. The unit’s safety features are also something to keep in mind when shopping around for one.

In fact, safety should be your number-one priority. Not all units come with grab bars and stools or even sealed doors, which are what makes a shower safer to use.

Keep in mind that not all of the units are also going to be ADA-compliant either. Whether or not a unit’s safety features are a priority simply depends on your own preference but should be a driving factor when looking for the right unit for you.

If you want a tub that is easy to get in and out of, you may also want to look for one that has doors on it. These doors can swing either inward or outward, but inward-swinging doors are more suitable for people in wheelchairs.

However, inward doors can be impossible to open when there’s water in the tub. Doors that swing outwards are easier for those who need to get out right away in case of an emergency.

A feature that you might not consider right away but may ultimately make a difference is a left-hand or right-hand drain. The unit you are installing will need to have the same drain orientation as your current tub in order for it to be compatible.

Aside from the basics, many of these units come with extra features that may or may not be something you want. Water or air jets, for example, may be featured in some tubs but not all.

There are many advantages to having these features in your tub, including that they are good for massages as well as increasing circulation in the body. You can find either one type of jet or a combination of both that come with varying amounts of jets.

If you want to make your unit feel more like an at-home spa, you may also want to consider using oils or bath salts for aromatherapy.

Some units feature attachments made specifically to use oils and salts, while others are made out of material that may not be suitable for use with them as it could cause them to deteriorate much more quickly.

Whether or not a bathtub unit has a warranty should also be something to take note of when shopping for a new unit. You want to make sure that your unit can be fixed without additional cost to you if something should happen to it.

Otherwise, you could end up with a hefty bill on your hands. Some units come with longer warranties than others, so be sure to consider that before purchasing your unit.

Lastly, if you’re looking to be both relaxed and entertained while in the shower, then perhaps you should consider a tub with electronic features.

As mentioned earlier, many luxury units come complete with televisions, phones, CD players, LED touchscreen remotes, and/or FM radios and are also MP3 compatible.

Why Get a Walk In Tub And Shower Combo?

According to research, one in three elderly people experiences a fall every year, and over 80% of those falls happen in the bathroom. Unfortunately, these falls can often cause severe injuries or, worse, even death.

The older we get, the more aware we need to be of our surroundings. It’s safe to say that not everyone needs a walk-in tub and shower combo, so they are not necessary for everyone.

However, people with disabilities or who are elderly and who want to remain as independent as possible may truly benefit from these units.

A walk-in tub gives people the ability to bathe on their own without having to risk any injury. Best of all, these units also come with features to make the experience that much more comfortable.

One of the most attractive features of a unit such as this is that they are spacious enough to fit a wheelchair, walker, or any other device a person might need to get around.

When it comes time to choosing the right tub for you, there are many things to consider, including safety, comfort, and whether or not the unit can be installed without problem. If you are looking to make your life that much easier, consider a walk-in tub and shower combo for your home.

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